wit in a bit

You can be --
strong, but not rude;
kind, but not weak;
proud, but not arrogant;
have humor, but not thoughtless;
bold, but not a bully;
humble, but not shy.


How To Be Unhappy

Tee-hee-hee. Laughing inside while I am doing this post. How foolish we can be many, many times. Oh my funny bone, I have gotten a good laugh when I found this.

Neil Eskelin, made a good job in providing the list. Obviously, there are 10 ways to do it, this thing called Unhappiness.

1. Make little things bother you. Don’t just let them, make them.
2. Lose your perspective on things and keep it lost: don’t put first things first.
3. Find yourself a good worry, one about which you cannot do anything.
4. Be a perfectionist, which means not that you work hard to do your best, but that you condemn yourself and others for not achieving perfection.
5. Be right. Be always right. Be the only one who is always right, and be rigid in your rightness.
6. Don’t trust or believe people, or accept them at anything but their worst and weakest.
7. Be suspicious. Insist that others always have hidden motives.
8. Always compare yourself unfavorably to others. This guarantees instant misery.
9. Take personally everything that happens to you.
10. Don’t give yourself whole-heartedly to anyone or anything.

Oh, it will cost you a lot.


No Fear, He is Near

It's Wednesday afternoon. Here, in the midst of work, I kept pondering on one thing. God does care so much. He does.

It was two weeks ago that our little Nicole went into the operating room for her heart surgery. It was not very easy. The procedure that should have taken two hours was stretched to 6 hours more or less. Open heart surgery for a birth defect- hole in the heart.

My sister (Nicole's Mama) was alone in the hospital trembling for her child in prayer. I know that she had no one near to talk to. But there was God. That was all she needed and no person can fill in for that comfort.

I have cried and cried that day. Fear. The human heart cannot help but fear. It's such a frail thing compared to the darkness that seemed to surround. It was a day of immense supplication. That God would allow us to enjoy her for a longer time.

Nicole, 10 days after she underwent heart surgery.

I know every little thing is not ours at all. Not even the family we have. We don't own any people, not any cent, or any single possession because man is only allowed to hold some things for a season. Until things are taken from us.

Yet, God did answer my prayers. Nicole was walking after three days, and did not feel any pain. She was back to the happy kid she was and smiling and getting into the normal course of things. She is strong, and she wants to be strong for her two little brothers. Isn't that wonderful. Yes, indeed, God loves us to the fullest.

I have once again proven, that God is always near. There is no need to fear anything. Thank you, Heavenly Father.

Casting all your cares upon Him, for He careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7


Simply Natural

Sorry to say, I'm INTJ and judging the way one article writer laid the characteristics of an INTJ, it gave the impression that I belonged to a personality type that's quite uncommon. [I would like to think so, lol. I do want to be uncommon. In a nice way.]

Therefore I conclude: I am hard to understand. Bang!

Less than 1% are women of the 3% of the population. Another bang! For a major part of it, me thinks I exhibit these traits:

Not huggy feely-- yeah right. Team building thing is kinda considered nonsense activity. Hmm, I see, I see.

Thinker. Right. You can talk and talk for hours, I can think endlessly and dislike small talk. Talking, for me, is not 100% communicating. Check.

Brutally honest. Oh, then why do I have to give a buttered up reply when my real opinion is errrr, needed. Truth hurts, sorry...

Quiet. Check. But not shy. It means I'm introverted, and things are happening inside my head. Tee-hee no, not voices. Theories, ideas, lots of them.

Afraid of nothing. Ei, thanks for the impression, but I do get afraid. Just not so often.

Intensely private. Sure. I am guardian of The Secret and that secret is buried.

Distant. One high bummer trait I noticed is my inability to factor feelings, mine or others. Message to me self: soften tougher personality areas and be more emphatic.

Most of the time, they get rubbed the wrong way with my confidence. Why oh why again should they get offended with a confident female. But shhh, I really can't stand insecure people. Be confident & gain my respect. Definitely. Check.

I'm just a regular person with a unique personality just like the rest. Now if they don't understand me, I should say, I am simply natural and they are surely very limited.


Lounging On The Other Side

Now what might this be? This couch lies on the other side, the other secret corner where I was lounging when this blog was not yet in existence.

Here's a link to that special corner, The Ink Spiller's Cubbyhole. That was the season when I was busy spilling thoughts into marketing, online business and getting myself convinced that the Internet is now my workplace.

Pretty different, more of a business tool. Errr, now it's kinda evolved into an assortment since I was in transition lately, finding another way to segregate moods and types of writing. I guess my poems and other stuff are moving into a new location, I might have to create a poetry blog for that sole purpose. I think that's a great idea. I still would have to find time with my hectic schedule.

And this definitely would remind me of that other place now and then when I come to visit this blog.