Rounding Up

Thursday thoughts.

Turn up, learn from your mistakes, work hard. Treat yourself to small celebrations. In retrospect, everything will seem like a strategy.

Clutter inside, clutter outside. When the attic of the mind is organized, there's a well composed man outside.

Everyone sits by the gate, bidding passersby. "Come love me. "

Things you think you need may not be needs at all. Free yourself from needless needs but make sure you take care of yourself too.

You can choose to be annoyed or spend your thoughts on happier, more peaceful things. It's a character of great people to rise above the petty.



God is so wonderful that He imparts Himself to us. It is part of His promise to those who trust in Him. He shares that light and holiness and justifies all God's children because He can. He is all-powerful.

The Lord is our portion. He sent the Lord Jesus Christ as a proof of His great Love, and continues to impart signs of that love on a day to day basis. He can put that knowledge of His caring in our hearts, and we feel He is truly a Father. He is all-powerful.

He has loved us to the utmost, giving all for us, so that we may come to experience a glorious life, not only in the life to come but here today, in this earthly existence. While we travel this lonesome and weary plane, we encounter the limitations placed on every human being. We are beset by many troubles, we are made weak by circumstances, by lack of health, by lack of material things, by lack of family and affection. But God is so willing to be our strength. He is all-powerful.

Personally, I have learned that being hasty hinders the work of the Holy Spirit in my life. When I do things my way in order to rush the results, more often, these efforts come to nothing. God has been telling me to wait on Him all along. I have to learn how to listen. And He is speaking to me in every way He can. He is all powerful.

God has always been reminding me: "Put off your much-thinking; it does not help you at all. I have allowed you to think freely, but not so freely. You have to forget self-promotion and obey My will. See how I will lift you and you will discover that it's not about your strength and your wisdom. Everything belongs to me." That is how God touches my life, providing me direction. I shall always find my rest in Him. He is all-powerful.

This is a testimony of trust, that I have abandoned myself into the hands of God. Jehovah be praised, He alone deserves all the praise. He is my strength. Behold, He is Holy, Holy, Holy.

He alone, God of all. All-powerful!


This time, yes.

All your life you are told things you can’t do. All your life they will say you’re not good enough, or strong enough, or talented enough. They will say you’re the wrong height, or the wrong weight, or the wrong type to play this or achieve that.

They will tell you NO, a thousand times "NO". Until all the NO’s become meaningless. All your life they will tell you NO, quite firmly and very quickly. And you will tell them. YES.

and in the very end, every single thing was worth it...


Summer Kickoff

Today is May 1 in my timezone GMT +8. Exact time: 1:08 am. Wee hour, me tinkering in this blog. *yawn

This month starts with an island hopping together with the Girldoms, my church family. I slipped into the mall for a while yesterday and got some stuff for a day of tripping on the islands of Davao. I got some, come take a look:
Label: Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen with SPF 50. That's the highest screening power I can buy-- I thought I'd like an 80 SPF but that's not available.

It better work on me when the sun is up a little later or there's someone who's gonna get burnt. Um.

And this is gonna take me to anywhere I want to go today. Havaianas high, my favorite silver-gray. Pamper your feet. Yep.

And here's Bubbles, my bag. I picked it since I am a lover of purple, pink and black. And they're all here in this bubbly summer bag.

Food? McDonald's gonna rescue me early tomorrow. I had no time to prepare food, anyway, I'll just be there to see the sights. Plus there would be plenty of food in the group-- err, what's the use of my friends... I can put the power of influence to work. *grin

Whoo, am cold, the air conditioner is blowing into me now, and hubby is perfectly cuddled under my pink blanket while I'm here churning my mind, still can't sleep.

But, *yawn, I'm gonna call it a day. Good morning Serenity. I'm off to my wonderland for a bit... Bid me sweet dreams.

Happy May 1, Baby.