Led and Contented

A great song warming my heart today as I ponder on the goodness of my God. I know that my circumstances, whether it's favorable or uncomfortable, does not affect God's goodness that reaches to everlasting. All things will work together for good, according to the plans Jehovah has laid for everyone that loves Him. I'm reminded of this as I lay myself at the foot of the Cross. I rejoice on that love.

Psalm 23:2 He leadeth me beside still waters.

He Leadeth Me

Words: Jo­seph H. Gil­more, 1862.
Music: Wil­liam B. Bradbury, Golden Censer (New York: 1864)

He leadeth me, O bless├Ęd thought!
O words with heav’nly comfort fraught!
Whate’er I do, where’er I be
Still ’tis God’s hand that leadeth me.


He leadeth me, He leadeth me,
By His own hand He leadeth me;
His faithful follower I would be,
For by His hand He leadeth me.

Sometimes mid scenes of deepest gloom,
Sometimes where Eden’s bowers bloom,
By waters still, over troubled sea,
Still ’tis His hand that leadeth me.


Lord, I would place my hand in Thine,
Nor ever murmur nor repine;
Content, whatever lot I see,
Since ’tis my God that leadeth me.


And when my task on earth is done,
When by Thy grace the vict’ry’s won,
E’en death’s cold wave I will not flee,
Since God through Jordan leadeth me.



Happy Anniversary

For April 27th

two who are
one in home,
in the way of life,
in faith
and practice
nothing divides
either flesh or spirit

two souls
one another
side by side
worshipping God
partaking of His banquet
throught difficulties,
through joy,
two together,
Christ the center.

~a poetic rendition of thoughts [inspired by Tertullian]

Eddie B. Estacaan


Faith and Change

The faith that saves you, is the faith that changes you.

Been to the place of worship this morning. My husband was teaching Sunday School so we had to be early. There were a lot of things gone beserk, the customers calling for emergency supply of gases, the car not in good shape, etc. The evil one places so much obstacles in our path. But--

Christ be exalted. Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world. Amen.


Pep and Depth

Saturday. Pensive and in awe at the big opportunities waiting at my doorstep. I don't know how to be more grateful when Thank You is the only sincerest words I can utter.

To strive, to dream, to be real and see the real, to triumph and to be more humane than human.

Patience serves as a protection against wrongs as clothes do against cold. For if you put on more clothes as the cold increases, it will have no power to hurt you. - Da Vinci

Let patience teach me to leave anxiety, to be a little brave everyday, to be wise...


Comfort From Home

I just found myself musing over what to eat for lunch and I had thought of many. Scrumptious on my mind -- beyond any doubt. These are food that the real Pinoy's tummy craves for. When one dines on any of these, it just tells you, “It’s good to be near the cook and the kitchen.” ohh. No. It's good to be home.

I can certainly tell that the bowls and platters I'm going to share below will make any probinsyano long for home [and the kitchen] and the people that make the unpretentious bahay a very special place. Bahay is a place where one comes to eat, rest, sleep, and be with the family. Bahay is simply home.

Inside my head right now: When I grow old, I want to build my own bamboo cottage and stay there, and fill it with nice things, beautiful flowers, palm trees and bamboo, kalamansi, gulay and many others. It really feels good when I look into days of serenity in my own version of a cottage in the farm. I'm going to leave my subdivision home, take my hubby with me and we will live free range. I mean, a quiet life, like the other creatures. Chill.

In the midst of this busy life, who cannot think of retiring? The old ones said, marami ka pang kakaining bigas. I mumbled, bigas nga at mahabang lakbay pa. A long way still.

But before I get sidetracked with future things, I'm going to bring myself into the present with these definitely delightful Pinoy comfort foods. Oy! Masarap nga talaga pagkaing ganito. Para sa isang kagaya ko.

This is the Arroz Caldo. A porridge made of stewed & browned chicken cooked in sticky rice, and garnished with lotsa fried garlic and sliced green onion leaves. Terrific... nom nom nom.

The best loved Chicharon. Made of pork skin, boiled and fried to achieve that crispy texture. Usually paired with vinegar with a dash of small chilis -- super hot variety from the Philippines. A small amount of vinegar from a bottle of Pinakurat makes everything perfect!

Lovely, yummy, grilled Pusit! This is a local specie of squid that grows up to 1 foot long. Some are served in banana leaves for a more appetizing presentation in green. Some are grilled and placed in sizzling plates, like this one.

This red is a hothead. Alimango sa Gata at Curry or Crab Curry. It can also be cooked with chili-- you like mild or wild? I can subsist on this weekly. Chica mia on cholesterol diet.

Fresh Lumpia. Vegetables wrapped in crepe slathered with garlic white sauce or peanut sauce that's slightly sweet. Tempting treat! My only source for the moment is Goldilocks and Jaltan, a local native food store in Davao.

Oye, Mr. Bacon turned into Lechon. This is the legendary roast pig with its crunchy, crispy, browned skin, the meat is full of flavor. This goes well with a sauce of kalamansi, toyo, vinegar and chili. Some like to eat it with liver sauce. Found in almost every party in and out of town.

For the bronco, Bulalo. Numero uno favorite of beef eaters in the country! A soup made of beef shank with its marrow, cooked with vegetables, pepper, lemongrass and corn cob.

oops, and don't forget-- the Chinese legacy of the...................

Noodles all strewn, all colorful-- the Bihon. Ay, I can eat this everyday. Rice noodles in thin strands cooked with stewed chicken liver, pork cutlets, shrimp and sometimes, with shellfish. They are transparent when cooked but the seasoning colors it and throws the flavor into the heap. A small platter of this truly makes my day. Here, have some.

I would remember they call me Chibog when I was little. Huh, it all comes back... the reality that I really love food. Any happy kid would love to eat. Right?

One more thing, Pinoy food is certainly the best. That is, for me. Mabuhay ka Juan at Ineng. Mabuhay.


It's our anniversary month...

When a marriage works, nothing on earth can take its place~

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Our wedding happened many years ago. The celebration continues to this day.



I'm learning as I as go along this journey... to GROW through life.

Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all you energies on a limited set of targets. ~ Qubein

Finding Harmony: Refining The Way You Deal With People

1. Watch your tone.

Controlling your tongue in difficult situations can help create lesser stress for people you are dealing with. The rude approach will never solve problems. Even children do recognize harsh tones albeit seemingly sweet words.

Grievous words stir up anger. Proverbs 15:1

2. Keep your word.

You are responsible for whatever word you utter. Fulfilling your promise will earn the respect of others. It shows you are a person that holds integrity dearly.

Let integrity and uprightness preserve me. Psalm 25:21

3. Be an encourager.

When you encourage others, it is evidence that you are a person of strength. Encourage [en-courage] literally means, to persuade someone to be brave. Sometimes, people have only to be reminded that they are not helpless. While many are striving to put their fellows down, you can make a difference by showing kindness.

Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

4. Spread cheer around.

Make others feel better and you will feel better. A grumpy person is an uncomfortable companion. Likewise, you are making a disservice to people when you are always in a grating mood. A cheerful attitude makes you walk in sunshine and others will be drawn to you.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. Proverbs 17:22

5. Guard your humor.

Making fun at the expense of others is equal to humiliation. Inappropriate remarks about a person in public intended to stir laughter is a subtle yet powerful way of tearing that person. Choose to stay away from junk talk and crude humor that feed on the other person’s flaws.

Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks. Ephesians 5:4

6. Rule your anger.

There are times when you can be caught in discussions that you disapprove of. Yet, you can disagree without putting others off by giving a reasonable and calm approach. It is the mark of a mature man to be in control of his reactions. A hundred days of sorrow can be avoided when you are patient in one moment of anger.

He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty. Proverbs 16:32

Finally, brethren,

whatsoever things are true,
whatsoever things are honest,
whatsoever things are just,
whatsoever things are pure,
whatsoever things are lovely,
whatsoever things are of good report;

if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Philippians 4:8


Bear Hugging (The Power of Embracing Each Other)

I'd rather play at hug o'war,
Where everyone hugs
Instead of tugs...
And everyone cuddles,
And everyone wins.
~Shel Silverstein

What's with hugging that it's considered a remarkable tonic for treating pain? It may be great in that sense that fully embracing another person carries no cash exchange with it. I remember that line, “The best things in life are not things.”

The UCLA Medical Center has proven that bear hugging can help relieve the burdens that people are going through.

Being held by someone is potent therapy and likewise, a full embrace strengthens relationships in the family. It makes us feel good, supported and loved. And when we feel good, we have that immunity against sickness and gloom. Bear hugging is definitely, an excellent approach to lighten up depressed states. Needless to say, some diseases are borne out of misery.

Those who are run-down with troubled imaginings obtains a reassururance that someone is there to help share the burden. It allows people to shift to a more positive outlook, because it’s comforting enough knowing that there’s someone who will provide support. A hug, one that is devoid of sexual overtones, helps people to confront that inherent need-- that we humans need to connect with one another.

To top it all, the affection conveyed in a bear hug meets our aloneness head-on and allows us to be a little braver. It’s a silent way of saying to another human, “I am here.”

A hug fits everyone, and when you spread your arms to cuddle a kid, a friend, mother, father, you catch the same embrace you've thrown to them! Have you hugged someone in the family today?

But do you know there's a Someone who hugged and loved you first? First time I sincerely walked to John Chapter 3, I personally understood that Jesus loved me. He embraced my soul and gave me assurance that I can live a happy life and achieve my dreams. That power taught me not to fear because He is leading the way for me now. This is how I obtained serenity in my heart.

Please know that Jesus embraced our sins at the Cross and declared His love to us first. For this, we declare:

1 John 4:19
We love him, because he first loved us.



I am huntress for good and pleasant things. My take in good living can be equated to finding comfort, simplicity and tranquility. There are wonderful moments in our day to day that we can capture and cherish. We have only to open our eyes to see miracles in our everyday.

Je T'Aime you all who love the beautiful-- beautiful words, beautiful thoughts, beautiful dreams and aspirations.

Yes, life can be easy, life can be calm because God is in the details of each strand that weaves our experiences. I'm signing on for a blogging ride through the lanes of this wonderful highway called Life.