Love for keeps.

Today. The 27th of April...

We celebrate ten years of patience, ten years of kindness, of taking care of each other. May we continue to learn to lay everything at the feet of Jesus. Happy Anniversary, Baby.

Here's to a whole lifetime of real love.



Resort Destinations in Samal Island, Davao ~ Beaches, Restaurants, Hotels

When you’re in Davao, you have plenty of options on how to spend your stay here. The city offers several attractions, plus there’s the lure of setting foot on sand and dipping in the cool waters of Samal Island . Getting lost on where to reach the beach resort you want to stay? For my readers, here’s the list of existing Samal Beach destinations with their contact details:

Alohamoana Resort
Purok 7, Calilic, Babak
Contact No: +63(927) 358-1489

Anamarina Resort
Balet, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 299-2992, +63(82) 299-0807

Babusanta Beach
Talicud Island
Contact No: +63(918) 726-1466

Bali-Bali Beach Resort
Catagman, Samal
Contact No: +63(82) 234-6415

Bluejaz Beach Resort Waterpark
Calilic, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 302-8411, 082 303-1117, USA (727) 498-0215

Bluewaters Village Resort
Limao, Samal
Contact No: +63(82) 303-2618, 0919 337-6987

Buenavista Island Resort
Contact No: +63(82) 298-0193, +63(82) 297-1432

Caliclic Beach Resort (Public)
Caliclic, Samal
Contact: On Site 

Camp Holiday Beach Resort
Kinawitnon, Babak
Contact No: +63 (82) 303-3294, +63(82) 227-5055, +63(918) 935-4278

Canibad Beach Resort (Public)
Aundanao, Samal
Contact: On Site

Captain Hook’s Red Parrot Inn
Kaputian, Kaputian
Contact No: +63(82) 286-1658, Mobile No: +63(908) 944-7805 or +63(907) 122-2091

Chemas by the Sea Garden Resort
Limao, Samal
Contact No:, +63(82) 303-0235, +63(917)-814-0814, +63(917) 702-5832

Club Asiano Beach Resort
Camudmud, Babak
Contact: +63(916) 342-0769

Coco Caliclic Beach Resort
Caliclic, Samal
Contact: On Site

Coral Garden Marine Park
Talicud Island
Contact No: +63(915) 698-7623

Costa Marina Beach Resort
Limao, Samal
Contact No: +63(82) 233-1209, Fax No: +63(82) 233-0229

Dayang Beach Resort
Talicud Island
Contact No: +63(921) 307-0364

El Magic Beach Resort
Caliclic, Babak
Contact No: +63(920) 229-3310

Fernandez Beach Resort
Penaplata, Samal
Contact No: +63(915) 554-9273

Florenda’s Beach Resort
Punta Catagman
Contact No: +63(929) 180-3175

Golden Bay Beach Resort Spa
Limao, Samal
Contact No: +63(916) 366-2737

Hof Gorei Beach Resort
Adecor, Kaputian
Contact No: +63(82) 286-0238, Mobile No: +63(918) 609-6966
Email: info@hofgorei-resortdavao.com, hofgoreiresortdavao@yahoo.com

Hi-5 Princess Tropical Island Resort
San Agustin, Babak
Contact No: +63(919) 811-6920/(916) 325-2442/(910) 558-4230

Holy Cross Beach
Camudmud, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 221-9071 to 76

Isla Beach Resort
Caliclic, Babak
Contact No: +63(927) 504-9059

Isla Reta Beach Resort
Sta. Cruz, Talicud
Contact No: +63(917) 622-3610, +63(82) 234-7903, +63(917) 622-3610

Island Ridge Mountain Resort
Tambo, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 304-5784/ 302-5315/286-5051; +63(928) 545-3651/(922) 862-8064

Ilihan Beach Resort
Ilihan, San Isidro
Contact No: +63(82) 224-5343, +63(920) 254-4920

Kalinawan Resort
Aundanao, Samal
Contact No: +63(082) 286-2844 or +63(082) 298-5298, Mobile No: +63(917) 700-7325

Kaputian Beach Park
Poblacion, Kaputian
Contact No: +63(82) 301-4096

La Familia Homestyle Beach Resort
Limao, Samal
Contact No: +63(917) 620-9687

Llanos Beach Resort
Talicud Island
Contact No: +63(927) 992-3317

La Vida Orchard
Catagman, Samal
Contact No: +63(917) 770-0330

Leticia By The Sea
Talicud Island, Samal
Contact No: +63(82) 224-0501, Mobile No: +63(917) 702-5427

Mahan Garden Resort
Caliclic, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 301-4022

Mahal’s Forest Resort
Kawag, Hagimit Falls
Contact No: +63(932) 475-1894

Marex Beach Resort
Tambo, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 302-1460, Mobile No: +63(917) 701-1128

Maxima the House Above the Sea
San Jose, Penaplata
Contact No: +63(82) 286-1055, +63(927) 302-6054

Mayumi Disney Sea Beach Resort
Catagman, Samal
Contact No: +63(82) 0114, +63(916) 718-9779, +63(921) 681-5812

Monina Garden Resort
Pichon, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 301-4068

Paradise Island Beach Resort
Caliclic, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 233-0251, +63(82) 234-1229, 
Fax No: +63(982) 234-2926 , 
Cell No: +63(920) 954-6780

Pearl Farm Beach Resort
Adecor, Kaputian
Contact No: (Davao) +63(82) 221-9970, Fax No: +63(82) 221-9979, 
Manila (632) 750-1896

Precious Garden of Samal
Miranda, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 303-2818, Mobile No: +63(912) 901-1174 or +63(929) 256-9352

Punta del Sol Beach Resort
Catagman, Samal
Contact No: +63(82) 301-4018, Fax No: +63(82) 305-3838, Cell No: +63(917) 700-6253, Davao Booking Office – (082) 221-2121

Rainbow Breeze Beach Resort
Caliclic, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 302-3595

RMPC Resort Training Center
Camudmud, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 227-8574

Rocky Beach Resort
Catagman, Samal
Contact No: +63(82) 304-6758, Cell No: +63(919) 273-2632

Samal Island Beach Park
Caliclic, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 222-1585

Samal Seaside Resort
Tigpan, Balet Babak
Contact No: +63(922) 818-2323, USA 1-301-926-7570 / 011-6382-301-5971

Sea Grass Beach Resort
San Miguel, Penaplata
Contact No: +63(82) 224-0116/224-1392; +63(919) 583-8627

Sonrisa de V Beach Resort (Palm Hill)
Caliclic, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 303-0709, Cell No: +63(927) 878-5293

“The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.”
--Isak Dinesen

Take your beach therapy soon.
Have a great life, sweeties!



Speak with affection

People of all ages are fragile. Please handle your words with care. As this poem goes:

Speak gently! 'tis a little thing
Dropped in the heart's deep well:
The good, the joy, that it may bring
Eternity shall tell.
- David Bates, Speak Gently

Choose your words carefully, Lovees.



My Keeper Still

Meditating on Psalm 121 tonight.

From the King James version of the Bible, Psalm 121 reads:

1 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
2 My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.
3 He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber.
4 Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.
5 The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand.
6 The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.
7 The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul.
8 The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.

The Lord is my keeper. And The Lord protects the people who repose confidence in Him, with full surrender.

All my help is laid up in the power, providence, faithfulness and goodness of Jesus Christ.

He has kept me and will make all things excellent and beautiful in His time.

If I may share a song that blessed my heart tonight, the lyrics:

Jesus! what a strength in weakness!
Let me hide myself in him;
Tempted, tried, and sometimes failing,
He, my Strength, my vic’try wins.

Hallelujah! what a Savior!
Hallelujah! what a friend!
Saving, helping, keeping, loving,
He is with me to the end...



Hey, April.

Hellooo... Slacking on this side and I was a bit behind with my blogging. Where was I all those days? I had been working, recuperating, biking, trekking, gardening.

Anyway, here am I and this one's a starter this April- pics from anywhere I had been these past days.

I am ever grateful To The Lord who has given me strength and the opportunity to see the beauty of life.

In simplifying life, it is important to arrange priorities, deciding on what is essential, discovering what makes us feel better about ourselves and our life.

Here's to a great summertime, this side of the world. ~smile