Live Well: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Fact: Some women are, by nature, very jealous.

Clear your mind of toxic baggage. It's common for women to have that feeling of jealousy when they look at others who are prettier, thinner, taller, smarter, younger or older and those who have better status in life. You can decide to be different and never fit into that defeating attitude. Eliminate that feeling of inadequacy and inferiority against other women. Stand tall, they say. Yet you do not have to wipe out everyone off your way in order to achieve that.

Comparing with others is a game that will drive you to a dead end. There's no winning over that game, because others will definitely have strengths that you lack. How about appreciating what's in your keeping? Count your blessings and be grateful for what you have. That attitude will help you get past through feelings of being jealous. You can absolutely stand tall, and be a victor.

Insecurity Is Toxic!

It is indeed. Not only for the person afflicted with it but it is also, and without a doubt, toxic for others as well. I have encountered many women who become so hard to deal with, because of their insecurity. They are loud, vulgar, and suspicious. They scratch, they nag, they whine, and they resort to passive-aggressive behavior. They will try to ruin the mood of people who they perceive as strong. Much as they want to drag people down, they cannot really make themselves confident by putting down the confident.

Many find it very difficult to adjust with a person with low esteem of herself. For someone not that fond of small talk and buttering up, it's really an ordeal to handle a person well so that she doesn't break down. You'd feel like walking on eggshells everytime you encounter that type of person. In deciding to take the higher ground, you must act in a respectable manner, while striving to understand the weaker fellow.

Ego, You Are Culprit

It's a funny thing to realize that those who are most touchy are people who are egoistic. Only the courageous woman can choose to get out of her way and esteem others well. Those who are fearful will be prickly and painful to others because they do not want criticism to come their way. But it's the surest way to earn the scorn of people-- being touchy, egoistic, cruel and indifferent.

It takes a belief in oneself to be able to become comfortable dealing with others. When you fail to appreciate yourself, you will certainly feel small. If you can see what is good in the other person, perhaps, you can also train yourself to love the person you are. Quit being a sinister sister.

A Tranquil Heart Sees No Mischief In Others

Live simply, and live with good eye towards others. That will stop you from having that bitter feeling. Tranquility of spirit gives you that radiance that you may have seen in another.

The good life is not a competition; it is a personal journey towards finding peace and contentment without sacrificing other people.


In The Quiet, My Heart Speaks Gladness

The clock has circled the day, its hands scraping through evenfall again.

I am in solitude til Friday. Hubby was off to Cebu for the yearend meetings and party. I find it such a great moment to be alone with my thoughts and perhaps any instant, my poet's mind will start grinding again.

I cherish the here and now. It's what I wanted ~ the quiet life, my writing and books and the company of my hubby. Perhaps, it's too queer for others to comprehend why I am living my life as this. There are no shouts in the house, no kids who scurry, no househelp. As a couple, we pretty do much of everything ourselves, and we taught ourselves to live that way. I do not believe in living to excesses, and with only the two of us around, it's a peaceful life we got.

We do talk about kids and yet we weren't given the blessing to have them. Nevertheless, as a married couple, there is no bitterness despite the lack of some elements in our life. We found it enough to be content with what has been brought to our lot, and if it's the right time and when it is willed by the Maker, things will take place. With a home, an honest livelihood and a few friends, we are simply thankful for everyday.

It's really a blessed life, and I feel so grateful that through everything, I can just say, there has always been a glad heart in me.

In the Blue Moment

Today, I successfully bought some blue mugs and blue plates, and got some drinking glasses too. This is a simple updating on our dining ware because we have lately been giving some touch ups to our home.

Blue is a perfect match to our yellow walls. I also got wall frames to match with that. I want to create a cozy country atmosphere and a laid back ambiance in this small place we call our home. Here are pics of the different little corners that aren't so polished yet, but I just managed to primp them up a bit.

I also dropped at a flower shop to get some fresh orchid blooms. They are yellow and burgundy dendrobiums. Lovely? Indeed!

This is, after all, the simple life. I love every moment of it.


I love to Tell The Story

Yes, Happy December! Many people celebrate this month as Christmas Time. I celebrate it merely because I have been saved, and not only in December but all of the days of the year.

I believe in the great story of redemption... I believe in John 3 verse 16, in the mercy that was provided for me. This life today, is a proof of that redemption.

This is a video of the song, I Love To Tell The Story.

Emar's Wave Pool

We have been looking for a new place to discover within Davao City, so we planned to try Emar's Wave Pool in Matina. We went there to merely satisfy our curiosity... since it's actually freshly opened. Operating only last July 2010, it's become a favorite of everybody. The place is also very interesting as well as colorful. The main attraction of Emar's is their exciting but artificially generated massive waves that last about 30 minutes in the pool.

Let me give you a glance at the views inside Emar's Wave Pool:

Both of these will greet you as you arrive at the pool area.

The restaurant.

Emar's has a restaurant too, and my group was really impressed with their cooking. We will be back, since we loved their food.

The Pool's source of water.

The Baywalk in mid afternoon.

The baywalk at twilight.

Giant frog slide, in background: curtain covered cottages that are already lit.

For us folks, who are tired with our 5 day work week, this place was pretty good to pass time and catch up on each other's businesses. We went home drenched a little bit since it was raining, but delighted, and full with the sumptous dinner served to us by Emar's Restaurant.