hear, hear, the scribe reveals... 


Let this silence become
a celebration,
my rainbow shining
that courage
celestial diamonds scatter in darkness
my starlight reaching, engulfing
bringing sacred laughter
to the innermost.
The whole point
of my refrain.


no thing as constancy,
soul overcharged
with a deep echo,
the unperceived sigh
ringing, ringing
in the stillness...
Feb. 04, 2011
Another Day

rain now vapoured, a slight wind blowing a silence. Ah, mind lingers on a cloud, who cannot stay, in haste departed, leaves a reminder of sometime ago. I hear music the neighbor is playing, whatever it is, I could hear but the emotion, unreachable...

9.30 am Feb. 02, 2011


Have You Ever Known?

Have you ever known,
that to me you are
a summer day,
a tree unfurling leaves
gathering for me a shade
and the breeze blowing me a calm
you are the songful music
of my feathered friends
carry the sunlight into where I am,
the radiance to this face.

Have you ever known--
that I will brave the turning tide
that I will sail the waves
that I will cross the fiery divide
to be where you are.

Have you ever known that? Yes, my heart of hearts,
Like I have always told you.

8:48am Jan.22.2011


Make It Happen

Granting it
an extra try
Turns you away,
from alibi...

i watch him sleep

so comfortably.
i watch you sleep;
peaceful, beautiful.
you are gentleness,
totally warming my heart.
you are my beloved.



Birdsong breaking primal silence,
the sky- a mirror clear,
morning wakes, flashing rays--
Thursday, full in flair...


At Work

Coffee hot, curly steam
Morning, night
Won't let me dream. So, work!



on the roof
drip drip drip
thud! door closes.



Long chorus,
pierce the night.
Noon for crickets.



Mind on travel.
The eyelids shut! 
Sleep, drained in cup.



The leaves
their colors changed,
in vain,
like us-- 



“Today it's cold."
“It’s cold.”
This chatter warms us.


This Passage

Pure geniality
Jolly comrade of content
amiable match,
warmhearted dulcet pair.

Good natured
True brothers in arms
they conquer
rugged pebbled paths.


persona non grata

obscure metaphor
provocative offkey note
like a crackling voice


island hopping

sands ribbon the shore
ripples calling, inviting
wake up sleepyhead


8th Year

whether we walk
or run,
hands clasped
that's what we are
and ever remain
friends, partners
husband, wife
you are leader
lionhearted yet
I am follower
covenant sharer

happy anniversary Baby!
April 27, 2010-- 8 full years since I wore that band



Ego --
wanton, wild
dignity in lock and key
decency, how enchained.

Ergo, ego-centric self
staging script and show,
unseeing, heedless--
all appearance,
no substance.



view from the
passenger seat
on a sweet
nighttime drive-- 

along the countryside,
placid waft
of fresh air,
immaculate starlit sky,
catfish jumping in glass
los amigos
they made friends
with him, her and love.
-- after a trip to Los Amigos, Calinan for dinner.



Riding Mighty Wings

Elite eagle enter
sweep still skies
swift silent salvo
truly teach
quiet quest
power poise.

04/20/2010 10.30am

Original composition by