BluGre Coffee Davao

I'm circulating in town lately, taking a break from the rut. Concentrating on my homebased job may have its perks but oh, you do have to get outside and acquaint with the goings on around. Thus, paying visits to interesting spots in Davao City becomes my Saturday agenda. Well, a good part of that is spent in coffee shops, aside from playtime Saturday mornings at Holiday Spa Center.

I encountered BluGre last 2000 when my boyfriend-now-hubby showed me around Davao City after he got relocated from Cebu for another work assignment. I liked it then, but sure, I appreciate it even more now.

Back then, there was no WiFi but the ambiance was great, and some would say, chic. It was a good place to hang out actually and it still is. When you are tired of roaming the mall, you'd think of a place where you can just unwind. Inside this coffee house, you can see regulars working on their laptops and tablet computers. But people like the old timers who do not care for technology? They are totally busy on chatter. You see the old and the new as well. Aged and young consider this their hub. Isn't that great?

I think their huge single seats are just fantastic. It encloses you and it's like you're leaning on a cushioned wall. It provides privacy for two people since there's another one at the other end of the round center table. Face to face, secluded in a corner, talking of simple things that matter. Romantic, eh?

This picture is proof of one thing that I loved about the place-- coffee. To top that, Landco Building along Bajada Avenue houses the famous coffee shop in town. What about their rates? The price is good, and but not so cheap as you would call. I would order the choco torte, sweet and swimming in white sauce! Pair this with the cappuccino and the moment is just awesome. Pasta is also great here.

Come by BluGre and warm yourself with coffee....


Psalm 84 in Poetry

David's Heart's Desire
by Thomas Pierson (1570-1633)

O Lord of hosts, how lovely in mine eyes
The tents where thou dost dwell!
For thine abode my spirit faints and sighs;
The courts I love so well.

My longing soul is weary
Within thy house to be;
This world is waste and dreary,
A desert land to me.

The sparrow, Lord, hath found a sheltered home,
The swallow hath her nest;
She layeth there her young, and though she roam,
Returneth there to rest.

I, to thine altar flying,
Would there for ever be;
My heart and flesh are crying,
O living God, for thee!

How blest are they who in thy house abide!
Thee evermore they praise.
How strong the man whom thou alone dost guide,
Whose heart doth keep thy ways.

A pilgrim and a stranger,
He leaneth on thine arm;
And thou, in time of danger,
Dost shield him from alarm.

From strength to strength through Baca's vale of woe,
They pass along in prayer,
And gushing streams of living water flow,
Dug by their faithful care;

Thy rain is sent from heaven
To fertilise the land,
And wayside grace is given
Till they in Zion stand.

Lord God of hosts, attend unto my prayer!
O Jacob's God, give ear!
Behold, O God, our shield, we through thy care,
Within thy courts appear!

Look thou upon the glory
Of thine Anointed's face;
In him we stand before thee,
To witness of thy grace!

One day with thee excelleth over and over
A thousand days apart;
In thine abode, within thy temple door,
Would stand my watchful heart.

Men tell me of the treasure
Hid in their tents of sin;
I look not there for pleasure,
Nor choose to enter in.

Own then the Lord to be thy Sun, thy Shield—
No good will he withhold;
He giveth grace, and soon shall be revealed
His glory, yet untold.

His mighty name confessing,
Walk thou at peace and free;O Lord, how rich the blessing
Of him who trusts in thee!