weeds in the field

"I know nothing more enjoyable than that happy-go-lucky wandering life,
in which you are perfectly free; without shackles of any kind,
without care, without preoccupation, without thought even of to-morrow.
You go in any direction you please,
without any guide save your fancy."

Guy de Maupassant

Holla! Nothing big happened today. I am still going through low energy phase and a lingering cold plus a slight cough... Nevertheless, it's not a complete day without me getting some shots using my Lumix toy.

Here are my shots of grasses, weeds and plants living in the open field in my community. Their imperfect condition has become my point of interest; they -- so tough, free and random, so pure and beautiful in their flaws, so peaceful in their frailty.

And they manage to survive in the roughest weather like the rainy January we are having.

It's still the 28th. Tonight, however, the rain poured like there's no tomorrow. Albeit, thunder has gone elsewhere, this rain was vehemently beating against the roof and windows -- bringing equal intimidation into the scene.

Not to stray from my point, I share some pictures I took of field grasses amidst cloudy skies.

I love photography because I love sentimental moments. It's just silence, me and the object in focus; I, searching for that precise emotion to capture beyond the physical before hitting the button.

I must concede to Milton saying...

“Sweet bird, that shun the noise of folly, most musical, most melancholy!”

Because life is a series of memories,


Miumiu our pet cat

He has been with us for like three months now. We just found out that it was a boy cat. Anyhoo... boy or girl, we have called him Miumiu (variation of meowmeow) so that will be his name from now & beyond.

This is the snapshot of this brat cat who likes to play with the little mouse stuffed toy. We wondered why he loves to pick it, and roll with it, jump on it & simply hug it. Is it for the love of mice-- his mortal enemy?

Here's proof of it!


Loving Bokeh

Here is my recent work. I just can't go to sleep without posting it here... because I loved how I did them. Much obsessed with making the bokeh effect.


Sunny Windy Tuesday

Shots I made before noon sharp. The wind is nice today, plus the sun is a bit alive.

Got this for lunch as well:

It's a great life,


another tale from the Blue Kitchen: pizza from scratch

I managed to create my own version of pizza. Yep, I made dough. I measured, kneaded & did plenty of things just to make this project good & a fun activity.

Oh. Am I pleased with the results. Here's my ambitious feat on pizza making:

Pursue cooking. With reckless abandon.


Good Eats: Fern Salad

In the Philippines, we eat ferns. This is the Fiddlehead, an edible fern variety that we treat as vegetable.

Pics of fern salad that made breakfast great today:


Sweetest Touches


Let me share some shots I made years back, and edited them to my hearts content tonight. Alright, to top it, I converted these images into picture quotes. Here are my wisdom pics, aye!


limiting my thoughts to 140 characters!

I made it a goal to minimize or cut my use of Facebook. There's too much blabber, too much goofing & showing off that it's already suffocating in there.

So here I am with my less than 140-character statuses. Twitter is better, you don't get misunderstood big time unlike the previous social network I mentioned. People, I observed, are more pleasant in crafting their Tweets.

Here is a screenshot of my microblogs! Sorry for the very personal comments, though... but I was just stating some obvious things, yeah, just all about meee.

Here's to self-expression,

wood and metal

Shots I made in my half done kitchen. From a pile of rubbish, I recovered a wrought iron wall decor with rattan holder. Just didn't know where to place it, so it stood leaning on the wooden wall, waiting for its own perfect corner.

Garden In January

scenes from the yard:

Tagetes patula

Who art thou pretty shrub? Tell me your name.

Vitis vinifera

Another unknown plant!

Tithonia rotundiflora

Unknown annual # 3

Brunei brush?? Is that you!

Lantana camara

Lantana camara, shot # 2

Here's to being an accidental green thumb,


pancakes, batangas coffee & a tuesday night

Tonight, I thought of making some comfort food. Yea, pancakes. And some hot brew-- kape barako. Not percolated, but boiled over the stove in a mini casserole. Just as rural as it can get. Pics below.

Here's to work-filled nights,