Do I really want more?

“God’s gifts put man’s best dreams to shame.”
- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

What makes man happy? For a moment I pondered and thought of material things. Nope. They are only instruments in making our lives comfortable. But when we have tried each and every thing we wanted, we can conclude in the end that they are not that necessary.

Buying a new thing. Indeed, I would be excited to discover that thing when it comes to my possession. Then come weeks after I acquired that one, I would lose interest in it.

Going places. Sure, travel is really fun. I get to meet people, and see the other corners of this earth. After I have taken a peek at these places, I want to go home.

Acquiring knowledge. Getting new information and learning technology is great. I cannot be more adept when my knowledge of something is wanting. I have to equip myself with enough knowledge to be competitive. But it does not make me happy at all. It fails to give satisfaction because everyday, technology and systems are changing. There is no end to acquiring information.

Money. Ooops, here. I have been earning more than I have thought I could for a person who stays at home. I got a terrific homebased job, great setting, good pay. I got my bucks, but when I look at them, money does not give me happiness. Every now and then, bills come-- I have to pay this, pay that, go to this place, need to give something to someone... I cannot call that a stable way of gaining joy. Money comes flying out of my hand as fast as it came.

I pursue contentedness, and it makes me want to live in simplicity. I am no rich person, but I got more than I wanted. That is enough.

What makes me happy?

A walk in the forest.
Laughing with Ed.
Time with sisters.
Eating corn.
Tending my garden.
Work a little.

I have God. I am incredibly secure in Him that I cannot afford to be discontented.

There is no time to be confused. My life is a journey, not for show-off. I want to appreciate every moment of it, surrounded with the right people. Then, who can want for more?



Down at the feet of Christ, is the Most High Place.


yummy home dining

yummy, originally uploaded by colormehappy21.

Hola! this is it, we grilled some Vannamei Shrimps for dinner. How to do it:

8 pcs. shrimps, medium sized, peeled
peppercorn, crushed
1 tomato, quartered
2 barbeque sticks (or skewer)

Put peeled shrimp in small bowl, add salt and crushed pepper. Place the shrimp in skewer in this sequence: tomato quarter, 4 shrimps, tomato quarter.

Makes 2 skewers. Grill and serve with vinegar, soy sauce and siling labuyo.

Happy eating!



Drenched, originally uploaded by tarascribe.

A humble shot of a Pigeon Berry's young leaves. Went to the shrub after morning rain. I really got an awesome feeling seeing the colors.

Things are looking up

looking up, originally uploaded by tarascribe.

Look, the sunny skies. Podocarpus plant at the side of my house shooting up into the sky as if telling me-- hey, it's great to be swaying in the shade.

budding season

budding season, originally uploaded by tarascribe.

I just took a snapshot of this budding crimson bouquet rose bush. Tender young reddish buds are trying to wrestle with the heat of the noonday sun.