Live Well: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Fact: Some women are, by nature, very jealous.

Clear your mind of toxic baggage. It's common for women to have that feeling of jealousy when they look at others who are prettier, thinner, taller, smarter, younger or older and those who have better status in life. You can decide to be different and never fit into that defeating attitude. Eliminate that feeling of inadequacy and inferiority against other women. Stand tall, they say. Yet you do not have to wipe out everyone off your way in order to achieve that.

Comparing with others is a game that will drive you to a dead end. There's no winning over that game, because others will definitely have strengths that you lack. How about appreciating what's in your keeping? Count your blessings and be grateful for what you have. That attitude will help you get past through feelings of being jealous. You can absolutely stand tall, and be a victor.

Insecurity Is Toxic!

It is indeed. Not only for the person afflicted with it but it is also, and without a doubt, toxic for others as well. I have encountered many women who become so hard to deal with, because of their insecurity. They are loud, vulgar, and suspicious. They scratch, they nag, they whine, and they resort to passive-aggressive behavior. They will try to ruin the mood of people who they perceive as strong. Much as they want to drag people down, they cannot really make themselves confident by putting down the confident.

Many find it very difficult to adjust with a person with low esteem of herself. For someone not that fond of small talk and buttering up, it's really an ordeal to handle a person well so that she doesn't break down. You'd feel like walking on eggshells everytime you encounter that type of person. In deciding to take the higher ground, you must act in a respectable manner, while striving to understand the weaker fellow.

Ego, You Are Culprit

It's a funny thing to realize that those who are most touchy are people who are egoistic. Only the courageous woman can choose to get out of her way and esteem others well. Those who are fearful will be prickly and painful to others because they do not want criticism to come their way. But it's the surest way to earn the scorn of people-- being touchy, egoistic, cruel and indifferent.

It takes a belief in oneself to be able to become comfortable dealing with others. When you fail to appreciate yourself, you will certainly feel small. If you can see what is good in the other person, perhaps, you can also train yourself to love the person you are. Quit being a sinister sister.

A Tranquil Heart Sees No Mischief In Others

Live simply, and live with good eye towards others. That will stop you from having that bitter feeling. Tranquility of spirit gives you that radiance that you may have seen in another.

The good life is not a competition; it is a personal journey towards finding peace and contentment without sacrificing other people.


In The Quiet, My Heart Speaks Gladness

The clock has circled the day, its hands scraping through evenfall again.

I am in solitude til Friday. Hubby was off to Cebu for the yearend meetings and party. I find it such a great moment to be alone with my thoughts and perhaps any instant, my poet's mind will start grinding again.

I cherish the here and now. It's what I wanted ~ the quiet life, my writing and books and the company of my hubby. Perhaps, it's too queer for others to comprehend why I am living my life as this. There are no shouts in the house, no kids who scurry, no househelp. As a couple, we pretty do much of everything ourselves, and we taught ourselves to live that way. I do not believe in living to excesses, and with only the two of us around, it's a peaceful life we got.

We do talk about kids and yet we weren't given the blessing to have them. Nevertheless, as a married couple, there is no bitterness despite the lack of some elements in our life. We found it enough to be content with what has been brought to our lot, and if it's the right time and when it is willed by the Maker, things will take place. With a home, an honest livelihood and a few friends, we are simply thankful for everyday.

It's really a blessed life, and I feel so grateful that through everything, I can just say, there has always been a glad heart in me.

In the Blue Moment

Today, I successfully bought some blue mugs and blue plates, and got some drinking glasses too. This is a simple updating on our dining ware because we have lately been giving some touch ups to our home.

Blue is a perfect match to our yellow walls. I also got wall frames to match with that. I want to create a cozy country atmosphere and a laid back ambiance in this small place we call our home. Here are pics of the different little corners that aren't so polished yet, but I just managed to primp them up a bit.

I also dropped at a flower shop to get some fresh orchid blooms. They are yellow and burgundy dendrobiums. Lovely? Indeed!

This is, after all, the simple life. I love every moment of it.


I love to Tell The Story

Yes, Happy December! Many people celebrate this month as Christmas Time. I celebrate it merely because I have been saved, and not only in December but all of the days of the year.

I believe in the great story of redemption... I believe in John 3 verse 16, in the mercy that was provided for me. This life today, is a proof of that redemption.

This is a video of the song, I Love To Tell The Story.

Emar's Wave Pool

We have been looking for a new place to discover within Davao City, so we planned to try Emar's Wave Pool in Matina. We went there to merely satisfy our curiosity... since it's actually freshly opened. Operating only last July 2010, it's become a favorite of everybody. The place is also very interesting as well as colorful. The main attraction of Emar's is their exciting but artificially generated massive waves that last about 30 minutes in the pool.

Let me give you a glance at the views inside Emar's Wave Pool:

Both of these will greet you as you arrive at the pool area.

The restaurant.

Emar's has a restaurant too, and my group was really impressed with their cooking. We will be back, since we loved their food.

The Pool's source of water.

The Baywalk in mid afternoon.

The baywalk at twilight.

Giant frog slide, in background: curtain covered cottages that are already lit.

For us folks, who are tired with our 5 day work week, this place was pretty good to pass time and catch up on each other's businesses. We went home drenched a little bit since it was raining, but delighted, and full with the sumptous dinner served to us by Emar's Restaurant.


Who's Tugging At My String?

Today I feel like a I'm a kite that soars... and there's Someone who controls, a supreme presence tugging at my string, leading me to regions where I can glide better in the wind-- He is The Lord.

It lingers in my awareness-- this feeling of being loved by the Lord. Words will not describe how this heart warming Presence covers me. It's simply my assurance that I am valued by my Maker and He carries me like the shepherd carries his sheep.

And I thank The Lord for touching my heart.



Rain, is magic of water
that makes us feel snug
while watching from
our window pane...


Positive Determination

Through all the limitations and difficulties around, may you find a way forward.

Yes, you are strong. ~smile♥


We Call It: Love and Marriage


The question is asked, "Is there anything more beautiful in life than a young couple clasping hands and pure hearts in the path of marriage?

Can there be anything more beautiful than young love?"

And the answer is given. "Yes, there is a more beautiful thing. It is the spectacle of an old man and an old woman finishing their journey together on that path."

"Their hands are gnarled, but still clasped; their faces are seamed, but still radiant; their hearts are physically bowed and tired, but still strong with love and devotion for one another. Yes, there is a more beautiful thing than young love. "

"Old love."

~author unknown


The kind of marriage you make depends upon the kind of person you are. If you are a happy, well-adjusted person, the chances are your marriage will be a happy one.

If you have made adjustments so far with more satisfaction than distress, you are likely to make your marriage and family adjustments satisfactorily. If you are discontented and bitter about your lot in life, you will have to change before you can expect to live happily ever after.

~Evelyn Duvall and Reuben Hill

The Good Of Life

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.


Gold Candybar, QWERTY in!

Old phone out-- I finally said goodbye to my 1100 unit that was with me for 3.25 years.

I am not a cellphone addict, but lately I felt the need to upgrade to a better unit. For one, texting becomes difficult with the keys that demand finger pressure before I can put in the right letter. Plus, the screen is really dark, and my eyes could function with less strain in a colored screen. With my hand mostly tired from computing and writing, I doubt if I'd ever enjoy texting with the little phone.

So. My hubby, wanting to spoil me a little bit more, got me the Nokia C3-00, in white gold variant. Was I happy to get QWERTY keys, social networking through WiFi, a 2.4 inch QVGA homescreen and a microSD slot. Hey, never to be left out, I got 2 Gig additional in the card slot. Hmm.

It's got a music player, a camera with no flash at 2 megapixels, photo editor, and long battery life-- I think they're all a good plus for such a handsome price tag . It's also a GPS -supported phone. I am liking it to a fault-- and this phone's wallpaper would defintely tell of it.

One more, I gunna show yew how this is so fantastic, because this image was edited via this phone. Edits on gamma depth, border, text and sharpness.

See that? I'm thrilled and very impressed with how it turned out. Ooops. I suppose it's gonna make me smart now. Blog ends here, brr, it's raining outside. Ciao.


Press On. Yes, Hope On.

To hope is to become an optimist;
It sees the dawn, it dispels fear.
It prods us, Go! Oh, we press on!

Behold Romans 8:28 which gives us the true state of our lot:

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose..."

Attitude Matters

Be a stalwart of sincerity.

We are gifted with that inner power to sense sincerity of attitude. Sincerity is a trait that wields influence, able to subtly get across and make people respond to you with friendliness.

We are like the bamboo...

Real friendship
is a bond of self reliant people.
Like the bamboo,
each one stands
strong and independent.
But deep down,
away from bare scrutiny,
their roots are all entwined.

Have you got a friend?


This Is All About Being Grownup

Your relationships, whatever they are, should bring you inspiration, encouragement and hope.

Why did you choose the path you're on today? Remind yourself again of those reasons.

And He is Providence: supporting, ordering, overruling all things, guarding and protecting His people...

If you love without concern over whether you'll be loved in return, I tell you, guaranteed, you will be...

People change for two reasons... either 1. they learned enough that they want change, or 2. they have been hurt enough that they have changed. Which one are you?

"I will guide thee with mine eye." Psalm 32:8 His eye is upon you- a glance that adorns all that is beautiful, whose light scatters all darkness, forestalls all danger, dispenses all happiness.


Good Brew: Figaro Coffee in Chimes, Davao

Located in Chimes Mall, in Davao, Philippines is a coffee place popularly known as Figaro. "Let's go Figaro" is my tag for it. I got around this coffee shop when I took Eddie for a tour in the city at a time when the car broke down a couple of months ago. Good chance! We went on commute, and swept the food shops in Chimes. I chose coffee at 2 p.m. Why not?

Upon entering, I noticed that the place is a bit cramped. For me who needs plenty of space to move around, I felt a little awkward inside the shop. But there are tables outside where you can be in open air. I preferred open than the feeling of suffocation inside.

So, I took chance in getting shot at-- my hubby is happy to oblige, tinkering with our compact camera got this result:

thanks for this shot, Bebe *mwah [I call him Bebe if that's not already obvious]

Good coffee still. Would I come back again? Hm, yes I would. You can't tie down a wanderer. Just let me sit outside!

Davao Holiday Spa and Badminton

Got game? I've been to different badminton courts in town. But... there's a particular place in Torres St. called Holiday Spa where my friends and I love to play.

What I liked about it is the ambiance-- I pass by a covered walkway before I reach the court. It's in the poolside of Holiday Spa! Aside from that, it's not a messy place to be in though it's an all-in-one venue for everybody.

Look at the entrance to the badminton court:

The Pool:

Inside of the badminton center:

The lounge looks like this:

A painting that coordinates with the warm and cozy color of the lounge:

I just love to be here Saturday mornings. Yeah, I got game and plenty of fun, too!


Davao Holiday Spa, Inc.
F. Torres St., Davao City, Philippines
Tel No. 225-5577 • 222-4207


BluGre Coffee Davao

I'm circulating in town lately, taking a break from the rut. Concentrating on my homebased job may have its perks but oh, you do have to get outside and acquaint with the goings on around. Thus, paying visits to interesting spots in Davao City becomes my Saturday agenda. Well, a good part of that is spent in coffee shops, aside from playtime Saturday mornings at Holiday Spa Center.

I encountered BluGre last 2000 when my boyfriend-now-hubby showed me around Davao City after he got relocated from Cebu for another work assignment. I liked it then, but sure, I appreciate it even more now.

Back then, there was no WiFi but the ambiance was great, and some would say, chic. It was a good place to hang out actually and it still is. When you are tired of roaming the mall, you'd think of a place where you can just unwind. Inside this coffee house, you can see regulars working on their laptops and tablet computers. But people like the old timers who do not care for technology? They are totally busy on chatter. You see the old and the new as well. Aged and young consider this their hub. Isn't that great?

I think their huge single seats are just fantastic. It encloses you and it's like you're leaning on a cushioned wall. It provides privacy for two people since there's another one at the other end of the round center table. Face to face, secluded in a corner, talking of simple things that matter. Romantic, eh?

This picture is proof of one thing that I loved about the place-- coffee. To top that, Landco Building along Bajada Avenue houses the famous coffee shop in town. What about their rates? The price is good, and but not so cheap as you would call. I would order the choco torte, sweet and swimming in white sauce! Pair this with the cappuccino and the moment is just awesome. Pasta is also great here.

Come by BluGre and warm yourself with coffee....


Psalm 84 in Poetry

David's Heart's Desire
by Thomas Pierson (1570-1633)

O Lord of hosts, how lovely in mine eyes
The tents where thou dost dwell!
For thine abode my spirit faints and sighs;
The courts I love so well.

My longing soul is weary
Within thy house to be;
This world is waste and dreary,
A desert land to me.

The sparrow, Lord, hath found a sheltered home,
The swallow hath her nest;
She layeth there her young, and though she roam,
Returneth there to rest.

I, to thine altar flying,
Would there for ever be;
My heart and flesh are crying,
O living God, for thee!

How blest are they who in thy house abide!
Thee evermore they praise.
How strong the man whom thou alone dost guide,
Whose heart doth keep thy ways.

A pilgrim and a stranger,
He leaneth on thine arm;
And thou, in time of danger,
Dost shield him from alarm.

From strength to strength through Baca's vale of woe,
They pass along in prayer,
And gushing streams of living water flow,
Dug by their faithful care;

Thy rain is sent from heaven
To fertilise the land,
And wayside grace is given
Till they in Zion stand.

Lord God of hosts, attend unto my prayer!
O Jacob's God, give ear!
Behold, O God, our shield, we through thy care,
Within thy courts appear!

Look thou upon the glory
Of thine Anointed's face;
In him we stand before thee,
To witness of thy grace!

One day with thee excelleth over and over
A thousand days apart;
In thine abode, within thy temple door,
Would stand my watchful heart.

Men tell me of the treasure
Hid in their tents of sin;
I look not there for pleasure,
Nor choose to enter in.

Own then the Lord to be thy Sun, thy Shield—
No good will he withhold;
He giveth grace, and soon shall be revealed
His glory, yet untold.

His mighty name confessing,
Walk thou at peace and free;O Lord, how rich the blessing
Of him who trusts in thee!



We all are likened to comets,
time bound-- briefly passing,
once in a while touching
each other's horizon;

We are souls
yet on a physical journey
time and time again colliding,
bringing sparks of light
in each other's way...

Ah, the way we
have collided--
is but wonderful;
every encounter,
every chance
when we did
come across one
another's courses;
every experience,
be it lovely or painful,
our trying moments,
or swift
all these seasons
they do gently shape us into candor.

in whatever face
we may see it,
is beautiful.
These brief
we have of
one another
are laden with great purpose
to re-process, re-create us--
a simpler, more humane person.


Weekend in Retrospect

Friday, Saturday, Sunday... 3 days of non-stop wander, the rover in me was put to test and I survived. I wandered with friends the first 2 days in this and Sunday was spent with hubby.

What surmised in the feat:

Friday, Aug. 20-- By afternoon, I went to my old office and met my friend who was having a birthday. We decided to go to a nearby coffee shop and frittered with stories like the way we used to do. Other friends joined us too. Happy birthday G... went home before 8pm to catch up on business.

it was a holiday but this group was working, found them at the office and they joined us later at Blugre

obviously, they aren't my friends for nothing-- we share the same goofiness, but these 2 are the best goofs in town. lol... Walter and G in here.

Saturday, Aug 21-- Typically, I do not celebrate with the city's festivities. I have sort of ignored it in the past few years even when I am in Davao. I went to the streets to watch the cultural street performances. It was a coming together of many ethnic groups in Davao and neighboring towns. I decided to take a look at the crowd. Actually, I was only there for my friends. I happened to bump into old colleagues, and a few church mates. I got a right to know my culture and the people that I live with in my city. That's it. So here are some shots for that:

in the streets of Davao, posed with a girl performer

with friends at the agro fair, munching on corn cob since we got hungry

stopped by a cake house for some coffee and cake.

G, Nessy, Q and Christine

Sunday, Aug 22-- Of all days, the car broke down again. So Hubby and me went commuting to the city. We had to come to Mama's house and get our lunch there as we do every Sunday. We took the jeepney to downtown, then dropped by Trading Boulevard to pick a taxi to take us to Mama's. Ah, there were a lot of angry people we met, it seems. People in the jeepney were engaged in some sort of mad talk. The taxi driver was also one abrasive kind of old man, very irate at the slighest provocation by a commuter. I think he had much angst with the way he talked. I shivered and wanted to crack his head. Sorry-- but we chose to enjoy the ride.

Then I devised something to make this a day that's out of the ordinary. After we left from lunch, I took my Hubby to a ride on the tricycle and the trisikad.

Andddd... it really turned out to be fun! I told Eddie, I want to give him a great time today, since we were out on the commute, we should discover the nooks and other corners of the city. He was always behind the wheel driving the pickup so there's no way he could see some parts of the city. His usual route was work, home, church, mall. We boarded a trisikad to Chimes, and checked out the stores. He bought a shirt with a patriotic message. Then we went for coffee before we headed home.

shirt printed with "The Filipino is worth dying for." by Ninoy Aquino, father of our new 2010 Philippine President, PNoy.

coffee time with Hubby, hmm he was smiling a lot!

headache lurking behind that smile, still battling with Flu, sorry...

By 5:55 pm, we picked our rackets and played badminton at the road in front of our house. We did 1 hour of play then, I cooked, we ate dinner of fried pork and a bowl of shrimp in sauteed garlic. Hubby was content and thanked me for a simple yet great dinner.

Not a typical weekend, definitely. We missed church but realized that God has been giving us great blessings and that we sometimes fail to appreciate it. I just hope our church colleagues don't end up knocking on my door and ask us why we weren't seen in church for 2 Sundays already. We were quite under the weather the past week and decided that we need to rest for the weekend. Church is some 20 kilometers away.

Sometimes we go through things we cannot have control of. Nevertheless, God is in control and He knows that our hearts as a couple always look to Him for guidance.

I met my friends, discovered my city and somehow, got a glimpse of the varied cultures that are in Mindanao. And most of all, I have concluded-- through all the things that happened this weekend, God must truly, deeply love me. He is patient and has given me wisdom, strength and the eyes to see Him everywhere.

At Aug 22, 11:53 p.m. I guess it's time to greet the forthcoming week... Hola Monday, be very good to me huh?