New Find : Xena by Flojos

My eyes hit the hanging pairs with soles that looked like an egg crate foam. I thought: they look comfortable, so they must be indeed.

Let me give you the good points why I considered getting them for myself:

  • Xena is super soft & comfortable like I'm stepping on carpet with each stride.
  • I liked the color -- Black Grape variant. It's not literally black but dark grey.
  • The base rubber is durable.
Right! Check out Flojos Xena.

They're not sexy to look at. But they practically make feet feel good. That's what matters.

Here's to being foot wise,

Learning From Richard Bach

I'm here not because I am supposed to be here. Or because I'm trapped here. But because I'd rather be with you than anywhere else in the world.

♥ ~~ ♥ ~~

A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys,
and keys to fit our locks.
When we feel safe enough to open the locks,
our truest selves step out
and we can completely
and honestly be who we are;
we can be loved for who we are
and not for who we’re pretending to be.

Each unveils the best part of the other.
No matter what else goes wrong around us,
with that one person
we’re safe in our own paradise.

Our soulmate is someone
who shares our deepest longings,
our sense of direction.
When we’re two balloons,
and together our direction is up,
chances are we’ve found the right person.

Our soulmate is the one
who makes life
come to life.

♥ ~~ ♥ ~~

Part of us is always the observer,
and no matter what,
it observes.
It watches us.
It does not care
if we are happy
or unhappy,
if we are sick or well,
if we live or die.
Its only job is to sit there
on our shoulder
and pass judgment
on whether we are
worthwhile human beings.

Richard Bach


Thank You To A Great Year

“Oh, the comfort—the inexpressible comfort
of feeling safe with a person –
having neither to weigh thoughts
nor measure words,
but pouring them all right out,
just as they are,
chaff and grain together;
certain that a faithful hand
will take them and sift them,
keep what is worth keeping,
and then with the breath of kindness
blow the rest away." -- Craik

As the year draws to a close, I am expressing thankfulness for a lot of things.

1. The Lord- for the light & guidance, peace & joy and even a wonderful future.

2. My Husband - for being a patient companion, a steady source of wisdom when my mind becomes fuzzy & a good listener.

3. My Family - who may not be perfect, but I am stronger in life because I have them.

4. My Friends - because they accept me for all my quirky & unusual ways.

5. My Boss - for being a respectable boss. :D

6. Home - because I have a secure place to stay & I do not lie in the cold.

7. Work - for allowing me to express my best in the job that I love. Yeah, I have the best work in the world.

8. Fellow Christians - who have been praying for me, for taking time to visit us at home & for being there in the dark times of our lives.

9. My Pastor - for being a true man of God & nurturing us in the faith.

10. Experiencing Life - because I have come face to face with what is real & accepted the imperfections of this realm.

I breathe a prayer for the presence of each one in my life. Yes, I am grateful & in this existence, there is no use for not being one.

Here's to gratefulness & thanksgiving,
Here's to a year so blest,


Thoughts About December

This is the month that gets people in a frenzy. I do not share in the rush. I sought myself why I am against being pushed into doing things that pertain to celebrating some days in December.

There are things I did before, and with careful thought, I ceased from doing them.

Decorate with a plastic "Christmas Tree". Right. I find live trees everywhere in my place. The evergreen tree that stood in the house of people in some countries were there because their surroundings were buried in snow. So before thick snow comes to cover their greenery, they cut the top of evergreens and place one inside their house to make wintry days less dreary. The Philippines has known no snow around it eversince I can remember.

Bring home the Reindeer-dragging-a-sleigh decoration. I love seeing deers and other forest animals. But for me, the reindeer decorated with a sleigh on snow is not part of my reality. The only similar stuff I witnessed was the wooden version of a sleigh -- dragged by a cow or a carabao.

Buy statue of the Big Fat Man. They call him Santa. I discovered Santa wasn't real when one night of a December 24 in my 9th year, I saw my mom stuffing toys, money and chocolates in the sock that they told me to hang by the door. Santa was not the one who gave me gifts. I do believe that there was a man that was generous long ago and he gave gifts to people during December. But he did that to express his love to his fellow. So people kind of remembered him for his good works. I choose not to buy his image.

Lighting my house in a pompous fashion and with all kinds of colored bulbs. Though I love, love lights, buying too much lighting for temporary use is expensive, and it makes the surroundings hotter.

I am not against people celebrating the love of God for them. Yet I do not favor the commercialism and the superfluous spending for things that are for seasonal use only. I'd rather see people radiate real change in themselves than get so busy buying things here and there, getting into debt because they are pressured to purchase or give for the sake of certain dates that we celebrate during December.

I disagree with coercing people to exchange gifts and contributing large sums for the sake of making a party more exciting. I disagree with too much partying that you find no time for the true life you are living. I disagree on gathering people only because it's a must to have a reunion.

I live life with a different perspective. Others may see it as joyless, I consider it practical living. I say No to excesses in anything: party, gift giving and even travel. I've had enough of these activities that give a false impression of happiness and having a lot money to spend. Most people I know are drained and depleted after December.

If I have to give, let it be giving from the heart. If I have to spend for something, let it be something useful. If I have to go someplace, let it be a journey which is an expression of my freedom to roam and not because I had to outdo the travels made by my peers.

And I am not less lonely because I changed perspectives. I ponder the path I take and the decisions I make. I do not worship My Lord less because I choose not to do some things. This is heartfelt existence. Life is still good, and a lot peaceful this way.

Here's to being real,


Pamper your walk.

I like podiatric stuff. Wear good footwear so gait is natural. I've had my share of uneasy existence because I was scrimping from buying the best ones. Too much of excessive sparing that you cannot think normal.

Enter FitFlop. or the Happy Feet Clogs. I take them as the best of all in my stuff.
  • Because my heels get painful when walking a lot.
  • Because I understand that I need to take care of my feet. Orientals even do healing through the feet.
  • Because I want something that's not too drab. FitFlop has really trendy colors as well. Happy Feet sandals, too.
  • Because I want to walk with a nice bounce.
  • Because, above all considerations, I don't want to wince in pain for ill fitting kickers.
I am just concerned with the counterfeit products that have been appearing all over Facebook. Things like this:

Walkstar 3, complete with Warning tag in Havaianas hanger:

They also make a lot of styles & colors for top brands. That's how amazing counterfeiting technology in Asia is. Chinatown in Davao has a bountiful stock of them: Crocs, Ipanema, Havaianas, FitFlop, Old Navy, Nike, Adidas, Puma. Name it, you can find them from 65Php to something like 500Php.

But, if the HavaFlop fits, then by all means wear it. But don't blush if the straps rip out & the soles prefer to lean better on one side. They don't make very good walking equipment, either. I admit, they don't last long and you simply get money wasted.

Let me share one secret: It pays to wear the authentic ones, if you're looking for foot therapy and long term use. More value for money, too.

Here's to feeling good becuz feet are comfortable,


weekend with my sister

My little sister came over the weekend. Much to my delight. Some pics of Honey.

Here's to sharing great times,
Here's to precious sisterhood.


Creamy Tropical Fruit Combo

Aye, here am I again posting some food pics for all foodies. Who doesn't want eating, anyway. I tell you a secret... this is really good food. Yep, only in the Philippines, though.

Here are the pics of my recent creamy fruit combo made from tropical fruits, for your eyes to delight on:

Ripe avocado

Young coconut meat



Put them together.

Mix the condensed milk & cream.
Slather on the bowl of fruits above.
Ratio: 1 tetra pack of cream: 1/3 tetra pack of c. milk.

This is how it looked after I mixed the dressing. Not too sweet. Real creamy.
Place in the freezer.

Here's to the homebody me,


Frozen Japanese!

This is how a part of my Sunday went:

Eating the usual fare of pizza, pasta and french fries. Plus.... this!

Mochis with ice cream inside. New to me, and I liked it.

Their name: mochicream. That super pink cart was interesting.

The Pink-headed ice cream girl and me.


Got a new DVD player. yay... I can go on with my Korean movies now (the old player was kinda dumb for not being able to show the English subtitles). My Princess soap continues!!

So, how was your weekend?

Here's to making memories,


A Day's Venture: Green Tonic

"The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not."

Alright, Mark Twain! Here's my not so tasteful attempt to what others call a "health drink".

1.5 inches fresh turmeric root (I pulled it from my yard, lol)
2 inches ampalaya
1/2 of sweet mango
15 leaves of green kamote
1 stalk of malunggay leaves
3 slices of ginger

It's supposed to be a healthful smoothie. Yeah, it tasted like poison.!! I was not prepared for the jolt.

The fresh turmeric brought an earthy taste to the drink and the ampalaya made it bitter. I thought I got a headache there with the "very alive" aftertaste but it eventually went away. It was probably my shocked reaction to the new encounter by my taste buds.

I braved the mixture, but my tummy went warm when I downed everything.

I guess it's good for my liver since I've been suffering from weak kidneys/liver since I was young.

After 15 minutes, I think I felt good. It can really be good for the body. But the warmth of the drink in the tummy goes up my throat still.

Oh well. I still have another glass to consume from this batch.

Or can I just convince the hubby to drink it? Ha-ha, he hates ampalaya of all. Best of luck to me. Awww...

Here's to taking care of your life from the inside,


Turmeric Milk (Haldi Doodh)

Turmeric Milk is a potent cure for a variety of ailments common to man. I still have a bottle of ground pure turmeric and I remembered that this herb provides several benefits when you are not in tip top shape. I made Haldi Doodh tonight for hubby and me. We lately haven't been feeling very well with the constant raining and the cold weather.

As an excellent source of anti-oxidant called curcumin, Turmeric can stabilize oxygen molecules that are called free radicals which cause diseases and rapid aging.

Turmeric is a common remedy used for headaches, inflammation and pain by Ayurvedic medicine. India refers to this herb as the "natural aspirin". It is anti-inflammatory and used for cough, digestive upset and even cancer cure.

Here's how to make Turmeric Milk or "Haldi Doodh" in Indian.

1 tsp. ground Turmeric
1 cup fresh milk or 4 tbsp powdered milk in 1 cup water

Heat the mixture of turmeric and milk. Boil for 2 minutes. Add sugar.

When you are going through severe cough and colds, this one provides a soothing relief and lets you sleep soundly.

Here's to finding benefits from age-old traditions,

My Wish For You

I wish you humor and a twinkle in the eye.

I wish you glory and the strength to bear its burdens.

I wish you sunshine on your path and storms to season your journey.

I wish you peace--in the world in which you live,
and in the smallest corner of the heart where truth is kept.

I wish you faith--to help define your living and your life.

More I cannot wish you--except perhaps love--to make all the rest worthwhile.

~RA Ward

Here's to floating through easy days;
Here's my wishes to you of light heart,


Cheese Sticks and A Saturday

I made cheese sticks today. Hubby and I agreed to stay at home this Saturday. It's a bit humid, but with the highland breeze and solo piano music tuned from an FM station, the moment is certainly sweet.

But it makes me miss my sister a lot, who has been making a lot of lumpia thingy for me. I did enjoy wrapping the cheese though and cooking them one by one until browned.

Look here. Sharing pics of this little kitchen feat.

Here's to enjoying the simple things,

Message From A Tiny Feather

A wee feather flew inside the house this morning. It's a special, delicate thing coming to my attention.

It brings a message of living lightly. I must travel light, dismiss the people, things and characteristics that make life heavy.

It brings a message of safety. This feather is a symbol that I am insulated. From the cold and harshness of life that once affected me. I learn to focus on warm things: love, friendship, goodwill, trust, honesty, integrity, loyalty, courage.

It brings a message of freedom. I can soar and achieve my dreams.

It brings a message of wise use of time. I am taking my chance while I can. This feather fell off and is on its own, and will wear out naturally in the course of time.

Here's to living a powerful life,


Backpacking to the island beach

Snapshots of my weekend getaway to an island beach. Cool, sparkling waters, great food, and a beautiful encounter with nature once again.

Here's to claiming your share of the serene life,


A Thinking Person

A thinking person is guided by the facts,
no matter how unpalatable they may be.
One who is ruled by emotions often stumbles
before reaching the goal.

A thinking person realizes that the right way
and the expedient way are not always the same.
One who seeks short cuts does so at the expense of time,
trouble and conscience.

A thinking person learns from the mistakes of others,
without rejoicing in their failures.
One who finds fault but does not learn is likely
to repeat others' errors.

A thinking person considers the personalities
and feelings of others in searching for solutions.
One who is insensitive can be correct in theory
but inept in practice.

A thinking person knows when to speak
and when to keep silent;
when to act and when to wait.
One who is rash or impetuous plunges ahead
without any sense of timing.

A thinking person is humble enough
to acknowledge wisdom in others.
One who is merely clever feels he has nothing to learn
from others.

A thinking person is careful in the use of words.
One who is careless relies on slogans, labels
or half-formed opinions.

A thinking person admits that reality is greater
than the sum total of his own experiences.
The unthinking makes "self"
the measure of the universe.

~author unknown


from the ancients...

Do not say all you know,
for he who says all he knows
often says more than he knows.

Do not tell all you hear,
for he who tells all he hears
often tells more than he hears.

Do not spend all you have,
for he who spends all he has
often spends more than he has.

Do not covet all you see,
for he who covets all he sees
often wants more than he sees.

-words inscribed in an ancient Persian wall