Remember This

  • Do not contradict people, even if you are sure you are right.

  • Do not be inquisitive about the affairs of even your most intimate friend.

  • Do not underrate anything because you do not possess it.

  • Do not believe all the evil you hear.

  • Do not repeat gossip, even if it does interest a crowd.

  • Do not jeer at anybody’s religious belief.

  • Learn to hide your aches and pains under a pleasant smile; few care whether you have earache, headache, or rheumatism.

  • Learn to attend to your own business–a very important point.

  • Do not try to be anything else but a gentleman or lady; and that means one who has consideration for the whole world, and all races.



New Discovery: Making Mini Pizzas

Hola. I made mini vegetable pizza today, Sunday. It was really good and I got real amused at how I am getting better in my culinary skills.


  • onion rings
  • broccoli
  • black olives slices
  • cheddar cheese
  • tomato slices
  • bell pepper cubes
  • cayenne pepper rings
  • butter
  • pizza sauce
  • italian spice

Let me share the pics of my mini pizza:



mountain moments

Weekend went fine. We went to catch cool mountain air and not only that, we got drizzled on. Showers are frequent when you are in high altitude~ our spot was at 4,000 ft above sea level. It was a fine trip, riding the bus, seeing the place again and buying fresh veggies on our way back.

Here are some pics of our trip to Kitaotao, Bukidnon.


For love of korean drama

I have learned to watch korean dramas because their stories are more sensible, they got nice settings, beautiful people, and they do not have lewd scenes. Koreans are decent and admirable people. so... Dong Yi is in the house!

I have 60 episodes to tackle, by the way. So I'll be off to engage in my drama marathon now. See ya.


Vintage. Lovely, Life must be.

I think your whole life shows in your face
and you should be proud of that...
~Lauren Bacall

The Hubby and I met some high school classmates last weekend. It's getting very obvious- we are really people from a previous era heading right into vintageness.

But hey, older doesn't have to mean outmoded. I believe in classy appeal.

Here are some shots of us from my Lumix toy.

That's me and Liza Jane

Leonisa, Liza Jane, Me, The Hubby (yes, The Hubby was my classmate- lol)

still the four of us...

On a deeper thought, no matter how many years have piled up on your life counter, I believe the spirit is ageless. I would imagine myself getting wrinkles a few years from now. Yet, I would acknowledge, ripening is a sweet process.

Because of that, I don't feel awkward having to grow old and greying.

Happy, despite. I hope you are, too.



Weekend Baking Mode

Hello, hello...

It was my goal to try new things this year. Yes! I am busy in the kitchen most of the time. Today, I promised the hubby to bake something for our Saturday treat.

So, I am posting some pics of my recent Chiffon loaf and cupcakes. Here they go!

I am delighted to have tried another thing today. This is what I love being at home. I can do as I please. More baking to come! hooorray.


Rosemary Penne

Pics of my spicy rosemary penne pasta with red sauce.